Year: 1990 / Re-Issue 2005
Medium: Lambda C-Print on Dibond/Plexi
Available Size: 120 x 120 cm
Edition: 5

For me just being there, being alive, feeling alive is as important as my art..
So doing nothing is a work of art as such as well.
Being is a metaphysical work of art in my imagination but also in real live.
I don't need pencil, paper, brush, canvas, film or a camera, to create something, just breathing in and out is all that it takes.
I’m very hightendly aware of this.
While sensing the raindrops fall, the wind blow,
I levitate and I'm hovering above my physical body.
I remember this feeling very well. As a little boy in hospital I was dead for a short period of time and hovering in that way set me free of pain and anguish..

That is why my production and body of work is so minimal and sparse and I'm still working on art pieces I started working on 30 or more years ago. Bored with finishing, or didn't know how to finish, leaving it be, thinking there will be another time when this piece is done..
And so it happens...

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