About Us

(Urban) Contemporary Art

We represent a limited number of artists to give them our full attention. With our database of Art-collectors and our private exhibition space in the center of Amsterdam we can give our Artists a solo show every year.

Founder Monica Pohlen, born in the South of Holland. After her study Art and Architecture she was asked to collaborate in Exhibitions in the Netherlands for the Rembrandt-Mondriaan Project on the Museumplein in Amsterdam in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum as a curator and architectural coördinator as well abroad in Slovakia, Bratislava ‘Focus on Bratislava’ and Austria, Vienna ‘Focus on Vienna’ for an exhibition and opening of a new underground station, as a curator. After these projects she worked in the artworld and organised solo exhibitions for several artists.

Co-founder Peter Gramberg, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has his roots in the Urban Contemporary art scene as a former fashion turned portrait photographer, who in the early 1980’s met and started to make portraits and hang out with hip hop musicians, graffiti artists and actors in New York and Amsterdam like Rammellzee, Kenny Scharf, Mark Kostabi, Ronnie Cutrone, Grand Master Melle Mell, The Beastie Boys, Chris Isaak, Mickey Rourke amongst others.

The merging of Monica and Peter’s background together with their experience for over 20 years on several projects resulted in starting Collection M Gallery in 2019 showcasing (Urban) Contemporary Art with a solid (post)Graffity and Photography base and their shared Love of Art! and their dog Noodles!

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