Title: COMPETITION Drawing #03 - Stefano PANE Monfeli
Year: 2020
Medium: Ink on Paper
Size: 32 x 25 cm
Size: 50 x 37,5 cm (framed)
Unique Piece

PANE comes to the conclusion that the world we inhabit is intrinsically flawed, yet it is awash with narratives of success that obscure its true essence.

Consider the stories we are inundated with – tales that artfully mask uncomfortable truths. Do these narratives not strike a chord with you? We are constantly bombarded by advertising that venerates technology, extols the virtues of a democratic, liberal market capitalist economic model, and much more. But could it be that these stories are nothing more than elaborate facades designed to veil a reality that resides far removed from these glittering illusions?

It's a curious facet of our nature that we often yearn to cling to the idea of perfection or an ideal. Our minds are wired for this, seeking comfort in tales that wrap us in a warm embrace. This tendency to gravitate towards comforting narratives is a testament to the inherent laziness of our brains. It's easier to accept the soothing tales than confront the stark reality. In many ways, we live our lives ensnared in these stories, much like the inhabitants of the Matrix.

While PANE's work doesn't aim for a direct, literal translation of this concept, it is undeniably influenced by these reflections. He grapples with the profound disconnect between the stories we are told and the concealed truths they mask.

Competition Style
From these thoughts arise images of prevailing figures fighting for a privileged position, figures driven by greed and personal interest, images that are a paradox of the myth of growth: for one getting up, many go down.

These are works about how PANE understand reality, images about the reality hidden behind false myths. Through them, he invites us to peer beyond the illusions and explore the shadowy depths of a world that is often obscured by narratives of success.

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